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I currently offer four types of treatment at Lake Side Natural Healing in Newmillerdam, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England. I can help you decide which therapy will work best for your needs. 

I have a dedicated relaxing therapy room which is accessed via two short flights of stairs (6 steps per flight). Please advise me if you have limited mobility.

Traditional Japanese Reiki

Founded by Mikao Usui, Reiki is a natural technique for stress relief and relaxation that is suitable for individuals, animals and plants. A body's natural flow of energy (Ki) can become blocked by negativity, which sets the body out of balance. These blocks can manifest themselves in many ways including physical ailments, illness, stress, depression, doubts and fears. Working with the energy of Reiki may help heal the body on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

During a Reiki treatment, you may lie on a couch or if you are unable to lie down, the treatment can be given in a comfortable sitting position. There is no need to undress. With your permission, a gentle touch is used on your body. During the session you may feel a tingling, peace, emotion, relaxation, colours, warmth or cold.

Crystal Therapy

Crystals may be used in healing, as they often accelerate or energise the healing

process. Three crystals are used: 

  • Clear quartz cleanses and shifts energy, releases blocked emotions and brings spiritual peace. This crystal takes away all that needs to be released and gives you what you need.
  • Citrine boosts confidence and provides a sunny glowing energy that stimulates the mind and body. This crystal has a warming effect on the body. It gives a tonic boost to your immune system and energy levels.
  • Jade is the crystal of purity and serenity. It works directly with the heart increasing love and understanding.

I feel using crystals with Reiki can ensure that the flow of Ki (energy) within and around every living thing is harmonious and fulfilling. This healing process re-balances a person's energy levels, strengthens the immune system and relaxes the mind in a subtle, non-invasive way and causes no harm. 

Indian Head Massage 

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic health system comprising of diet, yoga, massage, detoxification, herbal remedies and meditation. This Indian Head Massage treatment offers a massage concentrating mainly on the head and hair; however, modern developments now include work on the upper back, neck and shoulders. The aim of the treatment is to release the tensions that have accumulated in these areas.

The physical benefits to this type of treatment may include improving blood circulation, boosting blood supply to promote healthy hair, encouraging the supply of blood for mind clarity and promoting healthy skin.

The psychological benefits may include the relief of stress, anxiety and depression, which should help create a balanced feeling of peace and calm. It may replace any stagnant energy by helping balance the chakras, and refresh and revitalise the mind and body.

Holistic Facial Massage

A beautiful relaxing and calming facial massage using acupressure on the meridian lines; the energy channels that flow through the body. When your lines of energy are blocked it can result in physical, mental and emotional imbalances. Some of the many benefits may include the relief of muscle tension on the face, neck, shoulders, and eyes, the promotion of muscle tone, relief of congestion  associated with sinusitis and tinnitus, the promotion of healthier looking skin by balancing the Ph. and creates a balanced feeling of peace and calm relieving physical and mental stress. 

These prices are valid till September 2017.

  • Reiki - 1 hour* - £35
  • Holistic Facial - 1 hour* £35
  • Chakra Healing - 1 hour* £40
  • Crystal Healing - 1 hour* £40
  • Indian Head Massage - 1 hour* £30
  • Combined and longer Treatments - Price upon request. 
* Includes 15-minute consultation (first session)

Rates - Other Treatments

Reiki for animals - £25 per 30 minute treatment plus travel expenses

Remote Healing -   please contact me for further details

Combinations - longer or shorter times - price upon consultation

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