Learning Experiences

My learning experiences are designed to suit either groups or individuals.  Your learning can be customised to meet your personal or group requirements.

REIKI 1, 2 AND 3 Courses

Reiki 1 -  Enables the student to self-heal and to practise on family and friends

Reiki 2 -  Practitioner level

Reiki 3 -  The master/teacher course

Price upon request. 

I am a qualified and experienced Reiki Master Teacher and Secretary to the UK Reiki Federation.

"Heal your Life" Workshops

Workshops based on the best selling author Louise Hay  "Heal your Life".  I was personally taught by her senior assistant Dr Patricia Crane, who now owns and leads Heart Inspired Presentations PLC, and trains all over the World, her workshops, courses and seminars are based on Louise Hays work. I am officially licensed to teach the workshops here in the UK and Internationally.


  • Identify negative beliefs that limit personal growth
  • You explore techniques to release any personal limitations and go beyond them
  • You learn to love who you are, easy to say but sometimes not so easy to do!
  • You use positive affirmations, visualisations and other techniques that enable people to experience positive changes that can heal the past, and allow barriers to go.

Every area of life can be improved such as relationships, health, career and prosperity.  

I also run workshops based on Louise's work on Stress Management, Meditation and Guided Imagery, and "Change your Thinking; Lose the Weight - an alternative approach to weight loss.

Price upon request

Introduction to Healing with the Chakras and Chakra Meditation

Holistic healing has been used for thousands of years, and it deals with the whole person; your physical body, emotions, spiritual and mental state.

One beautiful technique is Chakra (colour) healing.

This one day workshop will introduce you to the Chakras. You will learn about the human energy system, identify the seven major Chakras and explain what each one symbolises. You will also learn about crystals and their healing properties. The workshop concludes with an introduction to Chakra Meditation.   

This course can be offered at 2 hourly sessions duration 6 weeks

Price upon request

Introduction to Mindfulness 

This learning will introduce you to Mindfulness and show you how it can become a useful and fulfilling part of your life. You will discover the benefits of mindfulness, calming those niggling thoughts and explore techniques, which will include mindfulness exercises and meditation.

This course can be offered at 2 hourly sessions, duration 6 weeks

Price upon request

Guided Meditations

There are many different techniques used to meditate....... discover the way that is best for you with one of my learning experiences.  Session can be held hourly, 2 hourly or Half day.

Please contact me by e-mail, telephone or use the contact form to check availability and for further information.