Upgrade your Life ! 

The Perfect Partnership

Lake Side Natural Healing is now offering an exclusive opportunity to experience the ultimate wellbeing package.

For years, Silvana has been providing a variety of natural therapies, self-development, and life upgrading courses. Inspired by client feedback she is announcing the perfect partnership.

Combine a 1 hour therapy of your choice with a 1 hour or 30 minutes life upgrading technique. Therapies and Sessions will be unique to the clients’ circumstances and needs.

“My natural therapies are beautiful, relaxing and calming and this may be all you need. However, the circle of life is one of change, one of “ups and downs” and it is how you react to, and deal with, the downs that affect your health and overall wellbeing. By using healing techniques and well researched positive philosophies YOU will learn to create more of what you want in your life – that balance in your Mind, Body and Soul. This partnership of therapy and wellbeing technique, together with your continued practice, provides you with the complete life upgrading package”  Price dependant on therapy and session choice.


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Please note 1:1 sessions on Stress, Anixety, Change management and much more, can be arranged by appointment and tailored to suit your Wellbeing needs.

Contact me via my contact form, or phone me Silvana 0n 01924 760925 Mobile 07817445063 for further details.

This is Menopause

I am very pleased to share my forum on menopause.  Please paste and copy this link to your web browser. https://www.facebook.com/pg/menoitsonlychange/posts/https://www.facebook.com/pg/menoitsonlychange/posts/

I hope it will guide you to make the right choices for your own health and happiness, particularly through all the three phases (before menopause, during menopause, and after menopause). Each stage is unique and offers special challenges which all can be overcome.

The page is NOT meant to replace any medical advice. It serves to present alternative, additional and natural techniques to help support womens health, during this beautiful, special phase of our lives.

I am riding the menopausal wave and recently had a very serious scare. Despite this I feel blessed and grateful that I can share my experiences, use my 30 years of knowledge in health and wellbeing to help all women to embrace this change.

Health for the Mind, Body and Spirit 

Silvana Evans – BSc (Hons), MA, DipIHM
Licenced "Heal Your Life" Workshop Teacher/Leader
"UK Reiki Federation (UKRF) Secretary and
Master Teacher Member" No: 6668D,
CNHC Registered.  Fully Insured.
Member of the British Menopause Society (BMS)

Lake Side Natural Healing in Newmillerdam, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England, offers alternative life-changing therapy, courses and workshops. 

My therapies and learning include:

Traditional Japanese Reiki: Always working for your highest good
Crystal Therapy: Takes you into a deeper state of relaxation and receptiveness 
Indian Head Massage: Encourages the body’s own healing powers
Holistic Facial Massage: Relaxes, Heals, improves skin tone and fine lines
Introduction to Healing with the Chakras and Meditation: 1 day Workshop
Introduction to Mindfulness : 2 half days (customised to your needs)
How to Meditate: Meditation techniques find your ideal way

NEW: Workshops based on the work of the best selling author Louise Hay  "Heal your Life".  I was taught by Dr Patricia Crane, Owner of Heart Inspired Presentations, Coach and World Wide Teacher and Trainer. I am officially licensed to teach the workshops here in the UK and Internationally.

About Me

Besides being sole proprietor of Lake Side Natural Healing, I am also a qualified health and well-being Coach with a Master’s degree, a qualified Reiki master teacher, and a certified Indian Head and Holistic Facial massage professional. As well as providing Reiki treatments to people I also am happy to offer this therapy to your animals.  

I started Lake Side Natural Healing in January 2016 in the village of Newmillerdam, surrounded by countryside, a park and a beautiful lake. It is very peaceful and calming, and the perfect place to help heal your mind, body and spirit.

I have dedicated more than 30 years helping to support organisations and people to manage stress and improve their wellbeing.  My therapies, courses, workshops and 1:1 sessions are offered primarily in Newmillerdam, Wakefield.

Take responsibility and upgrade your life, do it with Love and you will be amazed how your life can change. 

Love and Blessings, Silvana X